What not to do on your new year resolutions

Johannesburg- It has become a norm to a lot of people, that as they usher in a new year they jot down key areas of their lives that they want to improve and dreams they want to realise.

This comes with a whole lot of pressure, especially from self as life doesn’t always go as planned.

New year resolutions are a good idea, as they sets the tone and direction for the year, but life happens, and you must be prepared for that.

Below is a list of things you should avoid doing when you plan for the year ahead:

Do not put a time frame on your goal– as you live your life you learn that not everything happens when we expect it, mainly because it is not time for it to happen. Life is unpredictable, like Covid-19 was never in anyone’s card, it still happened, and it changed lives for good, so do not cage your goal into a time frame.

Do not put pressure on yourself– diamonds go through fire before they can be of use to people, agreed, but you are human. Achieving a dream or goal should not feel like a strain, because it will rob you of the experience of working on the goal. Once you feel strained while doing something, arriving at the result will not give as much joy as it would if you genuinely enjoyed the process.

Do not compare your achievements with others– in the uniqueness of people, there is a special grace that goes with being you. People can have the same vision or goal to achieve, but who gets to it is not decided upon by them, that is why it is important to stay in your lane and appreciate what you have and managed to achieve. It is not a race; it is a goal.

Do not rush things to happen quickly– there is an English saying that says, “easy come, easy go”. If you want a goal so bad and you want it to be a long-term result, work on it and not rush for it to give results instantly.

Do not add a long list– a year is 12 months long, and in-between there are unplanned surprises like pregnancies, loss of jobs, deaths, relocations etc. Make sure that your list is not long and is flexible.

Do not ignore yourself- while trying to get this, work on that, invest money, get a new car, please remember to make time for yourself. Rest, take a break, breathe. Life can only go on, be exciting and fulfilling when you are your best you.

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