DJ Ndiyo belts out a message of hope through her music

Saith Phumelele Gogo, popularly known by her stage name DJ Ndiyo, is the woman behind the new and infectious tune Ndiyo.

And if it sounds familiar to the ear, that’s because it is. The original song was done by the legendary Glen Lewis, but she doesn’t call herself Ndiyo because of Glen Lewis.

She explained that she is half-Indian and the word Ndiyo is used to refer to Indians in Durban.

The DJ collaborated with hitmaker music producer Tony Duardo and vocalist Sino Msolo.

“Tony actually DM’d me on Instagram after hearing one of my sets on Metro FM. We then approached Sino Msolo, who brings the soothing and calming vocals to the song,” she shared, noting that just like love, music and dance are universal languages.

She added that she uses these elements to share her message of hope and inspiration with the world.

The song’s lyrics can simply be translated as “keep pushing my friend, your day will come, you will also wear Dior”. A powerful message is to search of true inspiration.

“Dropping my single has been the biggest highlight of my career so far, the love and support that I received has been overwhelming, but as a female DJ, I look forward to doing more,” she said.

Her journey into music was as a result of her former boyfriend from Dbn Nyts, Kabelo Pekille. “The constant visits to the studio with my ex influenced my love for music. I decided to [enroll] to study to become a sound technician through a course at a college in Durban.”

She further explained that when she was younger, she and her siblings would do side-hustles through music, but little did she know at the time that at a later stage, her lover would lead her straight back to that life.

Before her big break, people would ask her for mixtapes, and she later found one of them being played at one of the biggest radio stations in the country.

Currently, Ndiyo is busy finishing up her EP which she plans to release at the end of August.

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