AmaPiano’s MFR Souls survives ‘knives-attack’ in Kuruman

Johannesburg – The MFR Souls duo were under attack at Biker’s joint, a local pub in Kuruman, after a group of drunkards pulled out knives, threatening to butcher the duo.

It is believed that the incident, occurred at the mist of the night.

The MFR Souls artists real names, Tumelo’ Maero’ Nedondwe and Tumelo’ Force’ Mabe, took to Facebook reveal this horrific scene.

“This thing of promoters getting drunk then mistreating artists must stop. The owner of Biker’s Joint in Kuruman last night go so drunk with his friends to a point where he let his friends assault us.

“This guy even pulled out a knife at us while the owner stood there and watched.

We are deeply disappointed in how we were treated last night after we drove all the way from Joburg only to get there and be manhandled by drunk hooligans because they are friends with the owner,” Abahambayo hitmakers revealed on Facebook.

However, following this attack, both artists didn’t sustain any injuries.

Even though the motive behind the attack is unknown, social media users believe the owner, might have personal vendetta against the duo.

The owner of the pub neither their social media account, didn’t convey message of apology to the stars following this incident.

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