DJ Sumbody’s business partner denies brother’s threat claims

Kagiso Setsetse, the business partner of slain rapper DJ Sumbody (real name Oupa Sefoka), has refuted claims that he threatened Koketso Sefoka, Dj Sumbody’s younger brother.

In a statement shared with Sunday World, Setsetse denied threatening Koketso’s life and said he should not make allegations without proof just to try and tarnish someone’s name.

Setsetse said Koketso should open a case with the police. “I did, however, tell him to not come to the business after [we] had received numerous complaints from staff members and suppliers that he was interfering with operations and was being disruptive.

“Due to the behaviour, we got our attorneys to send him a letter banning him from the premises because they were harassing staff members, I strongly believe in addressing people legally and not taking the law into my own hands. He was never part of the business,” said Setsetse.

Setsetse said he has had more than five meetings and telephonic conversations with Koketso explaining to him and giving him details of the business. He then told him that they should follow the process according to the law to make sure the succession process is clear to everyone.

“I thought we were on the same page and things were going well, he was busy planning his moves with Ralph Stanfield on the side. I also sent him an email for the record, explaining everything to him and pleading with him to let the estate attorneys do their job.”

Setsetse said he did this because he could see Koketso’s behaviour was becoming dishonest when he started calling everyone in the business and the suppliers, which was creating uncertainties. 

“I have never kicked his mother out of the business. I’ve known the family for more than 20 years and I was always taught to respect elders. I was part of the delegation that worked on my late business partner’s memorial service and funeral from start to end.”

Setsetse met with DJ Sumbody’s mother and Koketso’s wife early this year to explain the governance and processes that need to be followed from the business’ shareholder agreement.

“They then both agreed that it would be best to make use of the elected estate attorneys and my attorneys to map the way forward.

“The deceased’s mother’s attorneys requested a round-table meeting in the presence of lawyers, which we agreed to. We struggled to get a date from them. Finally, they gave us a date. When the day arrived for the meeting, the estate attorneys sent a letter to cancel the meeting.”

Setsetse said his attorneys later received a letter that Mrs Sefoka was now represented by Ralph Stanfield and Nicole Johnson’s lawyers.

“The shareholder’s agreement stipulates the current state of the business assigned by my business partner and myself back in 2017. I own 50% of the business and my late partner’s estate owns 50%, there is no way I would claim what is not mine when everything is on paper. This will be the current state until the current succession process is finalised, which the attorneys will conclude soon,” said Setsetse.

He added that he and his late partner were both invited to Dubai last year by a sponsor, for the sponsor event and not potential business in Dubai. 

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