Eyes on the crown for TikTok sensation Moghelingz

Banele Ndaba, better known as Moghelingz, has taken the entertainment industry by storm.

The 19-year-old Mpumalanga-born content creator is a TikTok sensation with his comedic skits. Like so many others, he started creating content during the Covid-19 hard lockdown in 2020 as a way of dealing with boredom when people were holed up in their homes.

With more than 1-million followers on TikTok, Ndaba says his aim is to inspire gay children from the townships.

He explains: “I want them to know that it is okay to be gay and bold. They must know that there are people like them, but most importantly I want them to look at me and relate.”

Ndaba, whose content has earned him a nomination in the Creator Of The Year category from the Clout Africa Awards 2022, shares that he feels honoured and grateful for the recognition.

“To think that I started this content creation journey as a way of helping people to get through the misery that was the hard lockdown. Receiving this nomination is mind-blowing. I hope I bring it home,” he shares.

“This is my first nomination ever, so it has not sunk in yet, but my friends keep reminding me of how big this is for me as a fairly new entertainer.”

He adds that his content is inspired by the day-to-day events in the townships. “I grew up ekasi, which means I was exposed to all kinds of people, characters and personalities, so it is easy for me to take people back to where they grew up through the videos I create.”

Although Ndaba seems to be happy-go-lucky, he says it was not easy growing up, noting that he had to learn to fend for himself after he finished matric.

“I wanted to study further but I could not because of financial constraints. I told myself that a gap year would not be the end. I started monetizing as a creator in 2021 and now am currently saving money to take myself to school.”


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