‘Heated exchange’ sees Ranaka discharge herself from hospital

Kaya FM host Dineo Ranaka is said to be back home recovering after she allegedly discharged herself from a hospital in Pretoria on Friday.

This after reports surfaced this week that Ranaka was admitted to a mental health care hospital in Pretoria after she revealed that she was unwell.

Sunday World understands that Ranaka was discharged from the hospital just three days after checking herself in due to a confrontation she had with a health worker at the institution.

A source at the hospital who asked not to be named said Ranaka had a heated confrontation with a healthcare worker who was on the phone when the radio host approached and thought he was taking videos of her.

The mole said: “Someone was on the phone so Dineo thought that person was taking a picture and she confronted him.

“Then the boy said to Dineo shut up and then they had a confrontation which ended up in him saying she must not take out her frustrations on him.”

Another source added that Ranaka then continued to discharge herself from the institution even after being advised against doing so.

On Saturday, Ranaka’s phone rang unanswered and she did not respond to a text message sent to her.

Messages of support poured in for Ranaka this week after fans encouraged her for taking a step and seeking professional help after reports that she was admitted at the hospital.

The radio and television host lifted the lid on her mental health issues in an Instagram post when she revealed that she was battling depression.

She wrote: “I get it. I get them… Because I’m trying my best not to commit suicide. My mind is so loud of late, and life is f***ing hard, so f***ing hard, and I’m trying my best, but it seems my best isn’t enough.”

Following the revelation, messages of support started pouring in which included well wishes from her employer.

The station’s managing director Colleen Louw said they wish her strength as she finds a way through her battle.

“Dineo hasn’t been on air this morning after openly sharing her struggles on social media,” the statement read.

Ranaka has since been replaced by Sizwe Dlomo as she recovers.

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