Nandi Madida on raising neurodivergent children

Media personality and singer Nandi Madida took to her Instagram and got real about the confusion and emotional weight she experiences as a mother to two children, one with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the other autistic.

She opened up about her journey on raising neurodivergent kids. The term neurodivergent describes people whose brain differences affect how their brain works. They have different strengths and challenges from people whose brains don’t have those differences. The possible differences include medical disorders, learning disabilities and other conditions.

Madida, who is married to Grammy Award winner Zakes Bantwini, said she has been blessed to have found a soul sister in Tara Leniston.  Leniston is an Irish actress and author of Coming Home to Autism, a book where she chronicles her life with her Autistic son. She also has a YouTube channel dedicated to the condition.

“I fortunately, bumped into her powerful YouTube page during a time of absolute confusion and just feeling overwhelmed by my child’s Autism diagnosis and was trying to find information on how I could be the best mother to two amazing neurodivergent children. At that time I didn’t know that I was neurodivergent myself and officially received my ADHD diagnosis last year,” she wrote.

Explaining what she feels when she watches Leniston’s videos, the singer said she felt like she took her hand and comforted her.

“I would instantly feel that everything will be OK. I felt a sense of ease and understanding when watching her videos. But also very empowered and motivated as a mother!” she wrote.


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