Rubicon reminds us of who we are – proud Africans

Johannesburg – We love exclusive things, so off we went to an exclusive private viewing of Rubicon’s latest collection recently.

If you want beautifully tailored ladies fashion, this is the only go-to designer. The African couture fashion brand’s 2021 collection is themed “Myth Reimagined” and it is inspired by the Mapungubwe Kingdom in Limpopo, which is empowering because it is influenced by the kingdom’s social structure, the influence of trade with the Far East, its surrounding areas and ecosystem.

Rubicon’s founder and creative director Hangwani Nengovhela allowed herself to reimagine its fashion history that is awesome because we need to know everything amazing about black. The theme for the evening was monochromatic and some definitely got it wrong.

Lauren Pyoos & Margeaux Swartz. PICTURE: EUNICE DRIVER
Lauren Pyoos & Margeaux Swartz. PICTURE: EUNICE DRIVER

What was Happy Ngindi doing in those clothes, looking for a circus?

There was a theme.

Wonderful to see the delightful original Queen B, Bassie Kumalo, looking radiant in what we assume was Rubicon, as some Kardashian-looking lady called Tarina Patel arrived head-to-toe in Fendi, yes, not even a local designer, but looked good nonetheless even though she looked like she belonged in LA with the Kardashian clan.

Nonhle Thema seems to have followed the theme in her black attire, looking ready for a TV gig and looking apologetic for insulting celebrities.

Great to see someone else besides me wearing a sash, yes, with a straight face.

A Mrs South Africa semi-finalist attended and I wished I had a husband for a second sash.

Saw designer, Paledi Segapo looking like Peter Tosh and decided to mind my business – it’s a hot look angel.

Some other interesting hot hair looks were brought by Lauren Pyoos and Margeaux Swartz. We assumed Pyoos sat at the back of the class cause of that crowning glory.

Paledi Segapo and Melina
Paledi Segapo and Melina

The event was well-attended and as usual, at Rubicon’s events, it was just great vibes and quality clothing inspired by our history. Great to see what looked like Vatiswa Ndara looking all slim and excited about life.

You getting married dear?

Don’t invite Shwashwi, I prefer divorce parties because weddings are long and tiresome.

Melanie Ramjee, Hlangwani Nengovhela, Happy Ngidi and Bassie Kumalo
Melanie Ramjee, Hlangwani Nengovhela, Happy Ngidi and Bassie Kumalo

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