Sorry, but this event lacked content creativity

As usual, these things never start on time but let’s start where attendees stood in a long queue just to get upstairs to the actual venue, with only one lift working.

Shwa thinks you should have chosen a better venue. Honestly, we can’t be in a long queue as if we are collecting our Sassa grants… show some respect.

Welcome drinks should accommodate everyone, and not everyone is an alcoholic. There was just water tossed on the side for us non-drinkers, what a shame. Judgment day shall come and you’ll be sorry.

Anyway, so the event eventually started while we were nibbling on popcorn as we waited to hear what these content creator awards are about. I mean, we’ve never had an event for these people.

The MC of the day was TikTok sensation Paballo Kgware who seemed cheerful like she is on her socials but seemed a bit nervous while doing her MC duties. I don’t know whether she feared the microphone or what, because no one could hear what she was saying.

For the first time ever, Shwa spotted Skeem Saam’s chef Francois (James Pilkington). I must say the guy looks more yummy in real life. Maybe in the next lifetime you and Shwa can hook up.

As expected, Shwa spotted a bunch of content creators but didn’t know half of them, but ke, at least the girl can say she spotted Donovan Goliath, Siv Ngesi, Blue Mbombo and Khanyisa Unfiltered. The others were all new to the girl; perhaps this content creator industry is bigger than she thought. Mo Flava, Zola Hashati and Khutso Theledi also graced the event.

Khutso darling, you don’t wear evening wear at a day event. I don’t know how many times Shwa must emphasise this point.

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