16 Days of Activism: Men are also victims of abuse

Johannesburg – We all associate gender- based violence with women being abused, as it’s mostly the case, but did you know that men experience the horrors of violence from their female partners too?

The only difference is that we live in a society where they don’t talk about it or seek medical help as it would get them ridiculed.

There is nothing wrong with getting your abuser jailed.

Sixteen Days of Activism should be extended and sons and fathers not forgotten as they too suffer from horrific women who beat them for reasons we cannot understand.

Men don’t report the abuse because they fear secondary victimisation for not fighting back.

There is never an excuse to hit anyone. More campaigns against the abuse of men are crucial as there are many who are abused by their spouses.

Under-reporting is a problem but men must stand up too and stop taking abuse. The Moshate organisation finds that in many cases men are punished by being denied parental rights because women manipulate the system and the ignorance spreads that men cannot be raped.

Men, like women, get abused and it needs more than dialogue but for you to stop .

Walk away, as dialogue won’t make your pain disappear if you have a blue eye from your wife.

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