Fight to end GBV and Abuse. But not at the destruction of boy child.

ANC North West leader joins in on the discussion about gender based violence and abuse following TV presenter and Outsurance ambassador Katlego Maboe’s scandal.

As we grew up, for time immemorial, unacceptable and hurting as it is, the age old teachings of our elders were that men and women cheat for different reasons.

It is said that when men cheat, they do so not because they love their partners less, but for fun with the hope that they wont be caught. Yet on the other hand, we were taught that when a woman decides to cheat, they do so with intention and exploration of ways to replace their partner. This is the message any man would struggle to stomach.

Having said the above, I am by no means trying to condone cheating and acts of infidelity or unfaithfulness. However, like in all relationships, romantic or not, undesirable things do creep in and happen. It goes with the complexities of the nature of those relationships.

Recently, in dismay but without shame, as a nation, we shared a recording where a young talented man, in an unpalatable language, being subjected to threats of possible denial to be a part of his son’s life unless he confessed to what, unfortunately, most relationships go through.

The saddest part is that in his attempt to never lose his right to be a father, in succumbing to what he thought was a way towards finding a solution to a problem with his lover, little did he know that plans were afoot to destroy his life, his career and his ability to maintain his child completely. A plan to ruin him was already hatched, prepared and was being executed.

Worst of all, indirectly and illegally so, the whole world was about to be told of his medical condition without his permission. The acronym STD, to anyone can mean anything from HIV, Gonorrhea, herpes and any other disease which may be sexually transmitted.

What motivates any person to record a conversation? Does it not tell us that the aim is to use it for the future and that the relationship was already in trouble and toxic?

If the tables were turned and it was that young boy who was doing the questioning, using the same tone of voice and profanity, the same threats in trying to get a confession from that woman, feminists, woman activists, politicians and government would be up in arms accusing the boy to be abusive and having humiliated the “poor” woman putting her to shame. Patriarchy would be a buzz word and a litany of press statements would be all over internet, online news and newspapers.

“May those who seek my life be disgraced and put to shame; may those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay.”

The above prayer should remind OUTSURANCE, SABC that our daily lives, the lives of others, business and human lives generally, cannot be allowed to be destroyed through “Hell hath no fury…”.

In as much as they value their brands, they equally should protect those who promote their brands from deliberate destruction.

The boy was abused here. He was humiliated, the whole world was told about him being a host of sexually transmittable infections. He indeed was hanged and left to dry.

In as much as I understand the pain of being cheated on, I am more pained when one decides to destroy what they can simply walk away from.

My name is Dr Mugabe Robert Ngwenya, and any form of abuse raises my blood to a boiling point.

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