Full Circle: Beware of pathetic, gold-digging men

Johannesburg – As far as I know, men were raised to be providers – well the men I know. In the Stone Age, they were groomed to be hunters and gatherers, but woah … so much has changed.

First, they love obsessing over Xhosa women.

They love telling folk about how much money Xhosa women like, but they can never show you a single Xhosa woman they have empowered or enriched. But back to men who should have wombs.

So my friend was telling me about her ex-boyfriend, who refuses to return her property, claiming they were gifts.

This is a full-grown adult man who deliberately refuses to return what he never paid for.

The story says he claimed he had been robbed of his laptop and phone, and since he was waiting for his insurance claim, she let him use her extra electronics.

“That’s the only reason he was borrowed the laptop and phone because he was deceitful – hard to imagine after years of dating.”

She tells me she wanted to go to the cops but felt too shocked and exhausted by such malicious and criminal behaviour, she has vowed never to help anyone again, all this as she got up for an old woman. Well, it’s your fault for being dickmatised to the point that you handed over thousands of rand worth of electronics to a man who was not even your husband but a mere lover.

Sorry but you are too old to be chasing a penis.

It’s your fault for trying to buy affection. As you should know, you should never spoil a man who has not put a ring on it nor a man who does not have insurance.

Where do you meet your men, under bridges? Why would you be so desperate for affection that you would give a man your property?

She tells me it’s futile calling the cops as they are probably his friends nor is it worth worrying herself about a thieving gold-digger and has decided to just work harder to replace her children’s products, as some men are taught to never decline or return favours as it’s apparently all about them. Take him to the small claims court, I added, hoping she could retrieve her electronics after working hard for them.

Then I remembered a friend who was kicked out of her matrimonial home with all four children under the age of 15 by her husband during a divorce, so who was she to complain about small items, which were stolen by a boy?

So he refuses to return a laptop that could have benefitted your kids, it’s fine, as he will meet a cheap woman like himself and the electronics he stole will do nothing to change the low life he is. Gold-digging from men is rife in Johannesburg, so please be aware and give them nothing as they should learn to work for their money instead of being leeches at age 40.

Gold-digging men always look clean, an attempt to look the part – rich with your money.

Admit he has driven your car to show off? They love pretending to be victims, so that they can be assisted and they fabricate businesses just to feel relevant, as all they want is fame.

To pose next to Cassper and AKA when they should accept they are ordinary. Just like men who kick out the entire family because they want to benefit from the sale of the home, some of you men should learn to leave the wife and kids in the matrimonial home and go and live with your mistress.

Look, we have a pandemic and losing many good men. Can men please act like providers for your kids, you might think you are woke by stealing from women and kicking defenceless children out of the matrimonial home, but you are just cheap and pathetic.

Kuli Roberts.

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