Gayton Mckenzie rubbishes misguided EFF’s claims as conspiracy theories


Patriotic Alliance President, Gayton Mckenzie, has also come out guns blazing, rubbishing EFF’s claims that the City of Joburg, led by ANC Mayor Geoff Makhubo, has appointed Patriotic Alliance Deputy President, Leanne Williams, as the Joburg Market CEO.

In a media release, the EFF Joburg regional chairperson, Musa Novela, claimed that  Williams’  appointment was an indication that Makhubo and the city were captured by a criminal syndicate led by Mckenzie.

Mckenzie’s lawyer, Eugene Botha of Erasmus Botha INC, has rubbished these claims as “false” and conspiracy theories” and said  Mckenzie has already addressed the EFF about their false claims.

“These defamatory statements against my client are causing him untold damage as both a politician and as a businessman.

Your statement has been shared widely among the voting public and has caused significant damage to my client’s reputation and that of his political party and his associates. It has also caused damage to his business interests, which have long pre-dated any involvement in the Government of Local Unity and have no connection to projects in the city,” Botha said in a letter to Sunday World.

He also said the EFF statement was misguided in the firing or suspension of high ranking officials in the city.

“The party was also misguided in their allegations around the firing or suspensions of senior executives in the city’s entities. The statements are false and we see no point in even challenging you to try to prove these allegations as they cannot possibly be proven since they self-evidently amount to no more than conspiracy theories and lack any form of evidence or credibility.

“My Client has already addressed the EFF and Musa Novela directly concerning their false and defamatory statements,” said Botha.

Footnote: In the initial article, we erroneously stated that the EFF statement said Williams was appointed Joburg Market Theatre CEO. The statement, as a matter of fact,  stated that  Williams was appointed Joburg Market CEO.



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