Mac G’s attorney sends Amanda du Pont letter of cease and desist, asks for a sit down

Johannesburg – Under fire podcaster, Mac G from the series Podcast and Chill which airs on Channel O and YouTube has issued a letter of cease and desist to Amanda du Pont in retaliation to the claims she made against him in the video she posted on her social media platforms, last Thursday.

The letter was issued on behalf of Mac G, to Amanda, from the podcaster’s attorney, Tania Mokwana Inc Attorneys.

In the letter, seen by Sunday World, it reads, “We confirm that we act on behalf of our Client, Mr. Macgyver Mukwevho aka MacG (“our client”). We further confirm that we have received instruction to direct this letter to you.”

“On or about 2 December 2021, we received instruction from our client in relation to a video made by yourself which was posted to your social media on the same date. Subsequent to receiving instruction, we received a link from our client to the aforementioned video which contains defamatory and derogative remarks against our client,” the letter continued to read.

The lawyer’s letter further stated that the said video in which Amanda made defamatory remarks against their client (Mac G) has, as at date and time this letter is written, reached du Pont’s 4,2 million lnstagram followers and has been viewed 2 024 752 times on lnstagram and has further attracted 13 800 retweets, 2 600 comments and 32 200 likes on Twitter.

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“Your unfounded remarks have consequentially influenced a large number of people to now view and label our client as a rapist and abuser. Our client’s reputation as a public figure in South Africa has been gravely undermined by your false, slanderous, defamatory remarks against our client,” the letter went on to read.

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“We hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist from making these slanderous, defamatory, derogative, false and frivolous statements against our client and from insinuating that our client has raped women ( “… any woman who has been abused or raped by both MacG and…”), and that he condones gender-based violence, on all your social media platforms, including but not limited to Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook,” the letter directed at du Pont further stated.


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“We further demand a public apology to be placed on all your social media where you retract all slanderous, defamatory, derogative, false and frivolous unfounded accusations you made against our Client before the end of business on Monday 6 December 2021. Should you fail to adhere to the above, we reserve the right to institute all relevant legal actions against you, on behalf of our client,” Mac G’s attorney’s letter read.

“We hereby further demand that you immediately cease and desist from making any contact with our client, either via social media, email, WhatsApp, SMS and/or phone calls, etc. All correspondence must be addressed to our office. We request that you provide this office with your legal representative’s contact details that we can correspond with them going forward,” it went on to read.

In the letter, it revealed that Mac G has requested a ‘sit down’ with du Pont to find a solution to the matter.

The letter read, “Due to the severity of these accusations made against our client, we received instructions from our client to request a round table meeting, to be scheduled as soon as possible, to discuss an amicable solution to this matter.”

“Should you be open to these discussions, kindly provide this office with 3 suitable dates for us to make the relevant arrangements. If you decide not to enter into discussions and/or refrain from retracting all comments made against our client on social media and/or failing to provide a public apology to our client, we have received instructions to institute all relevant legal actions against you without any further notice to you. These legal actions include but are not limited to criminal as well as civil actions,” the attorney’s letter further warned.

“We place on record that our client stands firmly against rape, assault and gender-based violence and does not condone such acts. Following your social media video, we place on record that our client has distanced himself from Mr. Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye (“Mr. Maarohanye”) as well as from all actions, remarks and/or allegations brought against Mr. Maarohanye. We thus call upon you to cease and desist from including our client’s name in any such actions, remarks and/or allegations made against Mr. Maarohanye moving forward,” the letter concluded.

Meanwhile, earlier on Monday, Jub Jub released a statement where he apologised to Amanda du Pont.

Jub Jub took to social media on Monday and posted a statement where he apologised to Amanda.

In his statement, Jub Jub, said, “In the aftermath of the release of my interview with Mac G I have taken some time to re-watch the interview and reflect on my words, specifically my exchange with Mac G regarding MS Amanda Du Pont. It was inappropriate for me to discuss the intimate details of my relationship with MS Du Pont in public. I deeply regret the incident.”

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This past weekend, Jub Jub issued a statement announcing that he will be laying charges of crimen injuria and defamation against two well-known female media personalities and his cousin for accusing him of rape.

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