Penny Penny joins ANC North West tribalism saga

Shangaan musician and reality TV star Penny Penny has warned ANC North West leaders who called for their provincial coordinator Hlomani Chauke to go back to Giyani to desist from doing so as the same treatment meted out would be applied to their people who are in Giyani.

The popular musician was reacting to a video clip that went viral on social media in which some ANC leaders in the North West were calling for Chauke to leave their province, sparking a tribalism storm.

In a recorded video response, Penny Penny whose real name is Eric Nkovani said the ANC leaders who protested to the ANC Provincial Office were out of order and had labeled their protest a ‘moemish’.

He said their calls for Chauke to vacate his office because he was from Giyani, was going to take the country back to boundaries and decide the ANC along tribal lines.

The Papa Penny Ahee star said if the leaders were serious about their calls for Chauke to go back Giyani, then they must be prepared to have those who are from North West to be asked to leave Giyani as well.

“Are you fighting Chauke who is from Giyani, or what Chauke has done.. you are wrong because you ANC just as I’m ANC. You are wrong and out of order in the North West,” said Penny Penny in his video response.

Though most people were in agreement with the Shaka Bundu hitmaker’s reaction, others felt that the public spat over the sensitive matter of tribalism would cause more damage for the ANC and ignite more tribal disagreements.


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