Profiteering may do more harm to SA than Covid-19 itself

By Siyabonga Hadebe

Johannesburg – Besides the billions of rand that South Africa is already paying to keep HIV-Aids patients alive, it is now adding yet another fiscal burden through the coronavirus-related illnesses and vaccines.

British scientists have expressed concern that vaccines may not work on the so-called South African coronavirus variant. In spite of this, a country such as South Africa is expected to shell out at least R3.3-billion for a vaccine that Pfizer cannot even guarantee will work beyond 21 days. Although the efficiency of the hastily prepared vaccines has not been confirmed with certainty, billions of rand have gone offshore. According to Global Justice Now and other studies, Africa already loses at least $200-billion (R3-trillion) a year in capital outflows.

The makings of African dependence are written all over the Covid vaccine doses. Profiteering and rampant capitalism are surely going to do more harm on the African continent than the virus itself.

The African continent could be caught up in “a global biotech arms race with serious political overtones”, where a pathogen is now a big money spinner for the world’s rich and oligarchs. Trillions of dollars stand to be made from what could be possibly one of the most highly profitable, man-made pandemics in human history.

The involvement in the African continent of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its cronies (also called the coronavirus industrial complex) remains controversial and unchallenged. The coronavirus industrial complex is made up of the usual suspects such as big corporations, scientists, politicians and the media. The Covax facility is a subset of this organised global gang of scammers. The strategy of the complex revolves around suppressing dissent.

It attacks anyone who dares challenge its plans and projects. In sharia-like gags and scorn, mainstream media, social media, officialdom and others ensure that dissenters and “conspirators” are discredited. The fight against dissenting voices is currently at an all-time high.

The swindlers have already made billions from patents relating to Covid-19, and pushing vaccines merely completes the journey that apparently took many years to achieve. The burden of Aids and Covid will decimate the nation that is still to realise freedom after the end of apartheid as it stumbles from one health crisis to another without fail.

These developments indicate that Africa will be left utterly bruised and bankrupt.

The Covid “science” from the WHO has already left the South African economy, among others, on its knees and people continue to die uncontrollably in this country when compared to its neighbours. Covax payments are certain to end in an unprecedented crisis.

Siya yi banga le economy (We’re all fighting over this economy)!

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