Proudly African, sexy and sassy: Chuleza Maseti

Johannesburg – Not just content with guarding the country, soldier Chuleza Maseti has joined the side-hustle reality or brigade.

Maseti has followed in the footsteps of Coco Chanel by producing her own exquisite and lasting fragrances.

The uniquely South Africans products don’t just have amazing bold packaging, they have a lasting scent and are available in different yummy variants.

They are also well-prized.

They are classy, clean, sophisticated and a must-have if you love fresh, floral and aromatic fragrances.

“You must remember that as soldiers we are always in uniform but also deserve to feel feminine, confident and sassy too,” said Maseti.

“I love all my Sana Lula products and have a great skin oil too, but my fragrances are currently my favourite because of the scent and long-lasting properties.”

Her fragrance range resonate with Sana Lula, which translates to relax babe.

There is a variant called Peto Bosom Pal, a fresh fragrance to suit the millennial who is young and busy.

It is long-lasting, so it won’t wear off through the popping of bottles.

It’s the freshness of lemon, bergamot, grape and lime that give it a sexy scent.

Ndachi Nudecouger is the aromatic member of the fragrance range and for the sexy confident older woman who is liberated.

Maseti said that Ndachi was inspired by Nondachaza, which is a liberated woman.

Ndachi Blooms is a floral member of the range and for the sophisticated lady. It reminds one of rose gardens and fresh cut flowers in bloom.

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