Sense of self worth is attached to smelling good

Johannesburg – Fragrance may be the last accessory of your outfit, but it’s an important one. Fragrance experts will tell you that olfaction, or our sense of smell, is one of the most important senses and guides so many life choices.

Themba Ndlovu, the brand manager for leading male skincare brand Clere For Men, says the way we smell impacts our sense of self-worth and affects our day.

“If we smell good, we feel good. We’re confident and more positive,” says Ndlovu. It is also a huge attraction factor. Men and women are generally attracted to others who smell good. “Pheromones are received via scent and these play a role in attracting us to individuals we may like.”

When it comes to scent, some like it fresh and citrus, while others like the smell of spice like musk and wood. Ndlovu notes that men who like fresh or lightly fruity scents are generally fun-loving guys who don’t take themselves too seriously.

“They’re confident and spend their free time surrounded by friends or exploring the great outdoors. Men who sport these fragrances usually lead an active lifestyle, whether they’re jogging every morning or spending time with family and friends in the evening.” Those who appreciate oriental and spicy are more suited to suits, brogues and cufflinks.

“It’s sophisticated and a little mysterious, just like him. He likes to relax at home with his friends, and is romantic too. A night out treating the leading lady in his life is what he loves to do. “He’s meticulous with his work and wardrobe and is often complimented on his style and attention to detail,” explains Ndlovu.

Ndlovu says musk and woody fragrances convey the message that you’re suave, smooth, and you know what you want. It’s been found that the most popular scents generally liked by women are floral fruity notes and the ever- popular musk notes.

“Women have their favourite fragrances when deciding on a scent to complement their outfits and define themselves. They are also very particular about how the men in their lives smell, and what fragrances appeal to them.”

Ndlovu says when choosing a fragrance, you must never buy something on the suggestion of someone else, consider whether your choice suits your personality, and choose a fragrance that appeals to your other half.

Fragrances can also uplift your mood in winter. Our moods can be affected by different smells as the area of our brain that processes emotions, the limbic centre, is linked to the olfactory senses.

It is this connection that creates the relationship between smells and our moods as well as our memories.

Studies show that certain scents can help with stress relief, the easing of headaches and other ailments.

Tips to make your fragrance last all day:

Apply after a shower to pulse points – behind your ear lobes, wrists, inside elbows, neck, behind the knee and on your chest area.

You can moisturize these areas first or dab Vaseline on those spots before applying perfume or cologne.

Spray into your hairbrush before brushing your hair.

Keep your fragrance in a cool, dark place and don’t be afraid to spritz a little bit on your clothing.

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