Shwashwi: You’re my skeem, and you rock, for sure

Johannesburg – After watching the sad video of a prison warder getting down with the prisoner this week, I decided to deal with my worries the old school way … drink them away.

My thirst for partying has been quenched by businessman, author and philanthropist Themba “Skeem Saam GP”, who threw his 42nd birthday party in style.

Skeem, as he is popularly known, invited close friends and family members for a social distance black-tie event to celebrate his birthday.

I must say, it was a nice break from slow zoom calls and online parties where you only see people’s outfits from the torso.

I must say, these online things were starting to get to me, how am I supposed to judge people via screen?

Or smell them?

Themba Skeem Sam GP birthday bash

No expense was spared when it comes to the budget and red carpet, people were dressed to the nines and respecting the theme.

The party was held at the Swanky Maslow Hotel.

I know rich guys came in numbers, and I could smell cash all the way from the parking.

Although I had to use magnifying glasses to spot some celebs, food and drinks were enough to feed a village.

Mr Party himself was sexy in a black tux. Something is sexy about Themba, and when I learnt what he is doing for the community of East Rand, he becomes even more sexier.

The Khanyi Mbau in me was willing to go home with him.

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