Vehicle owned by Bushiri seized at Beitbridge border, church left outraged

Johannesburg –  Shepherd Bushiri is said to be shocked about the news making rounds that a vehicle belonging to him has been intercepted at the Beitbridge border.

This comes after a 35-year-old suspect will be appear in the Musina Magistrates court following his arrest at the Beitbridge for being in possession of a suspected stolen vehicle.

The arrest was made by the Hawks division, the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation’s (DPCI) Serious Organised Crime Investigation.

“Upon it being checked, it was discovered that it belonged to the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church founded by the fugitive, Shepard Bushiri,” said a statement from the DPCI.

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The DPCI further said the occupants said they were on their way to a conference in Malawi.

“The driver then produced an affidavit bearing a signature of one of the church board members which was authorising the 35-year-old driver to drive the vehicle Into Zimbabwe enroute to Malawi.”

The vehicle is part of the assets attached to the Provisional Liquidation order against Bushiri, including assets belonging to his church, the DPCI said.

The DPCI said, “It is suspected that the vehicle was being smuggled across the border under the guise of attending the conference. It also suspected that the liquidators were not Informed this activity. The driver was arrested as nothing belonging to the Bushiri’s estate is allowed to be taken from the Republic or South Africa or any other country.”

Bushiri’s camp however, has taken exception to this arrest and seizure made, according to a statement, the church said that the Hawks had no right to seize the vehicle.

According to a statement, “He is not a director of ECG South Africa or PSBM or any entity related thereon. The Church, ECG SA is independent from him and any activity by ECG SA director/s or Ministry, he is not involved, thus any activity thereof cannot and should not be imputed to him or construed as such.”

The church has also said that the South African Police Service (SAPS) were informed and granted permission to move the vehicle across the border.

“An affidavit deposed by the driver and church directors for purposes of compliance in seeking permission was duly sworn at Police Station before a Commissioner of Oath stationed therein. Shockingly, it seems a certain sector of the Police who granted permission is hell bent to destroyed and/or defamed Prophet’s name in that, one authority or to be specific SAPS grants permission, another authority known as Hawks call it crime and therefore denounce such permission.”

The church in a their statement, asked if there is fairness and justice in ‘this hawks conduct?’

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“Are Hawks saying permission granted by SAPS was arbitrarily granted or granting such permission constituted a crime? Is the name, Bushiri, a problem to an extent that certain cluster of authorities clouds own judgment and fail to rationally and reasonably apply their minds. All being said, tantamount to nothing but injustices, biasness and thus fair trial to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri shall remain a myth for years to come,” the statement further read.

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