Virtual Valentine’s: Three ways to spend romantic day with just a smartphone

Johannesburg – This year, it will be a virtual Valentine’s for many locals, as they stay home to stay safe. Here is how to make sure it’s a day well spent, by just using a smartphone.

While South Africans have successfully rallied while isolated to get the country past its second peak, Level three still prevails.

An Upgraded Online Date

The 15-minute reminders that pop up every hour on the hour have turned a virtual meeting into an ‘I’ll do anything but this’ moment.

This Valentine’s Day a Zoom request is not the most romantic idea for a virtual date, so rather opt for something quirky, fun and already on your partner’s home screen.

For those who aren’t partnered up, it doesn’t mean you’re excluded from Valentine’s Day?

Be it all the singles in a friend group or extended families getting together for a Sunday lunch, Snapchat allows for group calls of up to 16 users. All of which can make use of the app’s much-loved filters. On OPPO’s A15, with a screen size of 16.55 cm fitting those crazy selfie screenshots should be no issue.

Bunch is another great platform to consider, allowing for groups of up to two to eight to enjoy in a variety of mobile games including trivia, Pictionary and Among Us.

It’s a fun way to create those special moments, provided no one is a sore loser.

Selfie, set & send

Quite literally taking a page out of Kim Kardashian’s Selfish book, an ideal gift would be to stitch together the multiple perfect portraits, screenshots of those loved-up texts and stolen moments into a montage that sums up the relationship.

OPPOs A53s offers superior picture quality with a 13MP rear camera and storage of up to 128GB, meaning that not one of those 100 selfies needs to be deleted. Importing this into apps like PicsArt and Flimix is effortless, allowing for quick editing, special effects and those personalised touches to still be made, making even this virtual gift a keeper.

Apart, together

Online shopping has become an essential part of living, as e-commerce has since boomed worldwide.

Simply screenshot your wishlist on Superbalist, which is an OPPO Rewards partner, and text that to your significant other making gifting this Valentine’s Day easy.

Using Uber Eats’ Share Your Delivery feature, sharing favourite meals is made easy by being able to share a link on the order to track its progress on other devices. So, for those romantic dinners with the same meal shared miles apart, it’s made easy!

Whether it’s small quiet moments like a quick selfie before the date, or Netflix and chilling at home, the ideal date is available at the tap of a few buttons. This Valentine’s Day may be different and for some virtual, but it will be memorable.

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