Important tips for selling your home over the Xmas season

Johannesburg – Traditionally, the holiday season has been a difficult time to sell a home.

Because most people’s attention switches to friends and family and heading away for a well-deserved vacation, buyer activity is typically low.

However, there are ways to make selling during the festive season work in your favour.

Use digital media to its full potential

With the advancement of digital media such as online property platforms and apps, buyers are now connected to the property market all year. They’re still actively watching listings and keeping tabs on attractive choices. Even if they weren’t planning on actively house hunting during the holidays, if you can capture their attention online, they may make further inquiries. With as compelling a listing as possible, you really want to maximise your web exposure, quality photos and a well-crafted description are of utmost importance.

Take advantage of the reduced amount of competition

Many sellers avoid listing during this season, resulting in a significant reduction in competition. Homeowners who want to sell around the holidays and new year can benefit from decreased competition and the fact that buyers who are active at this time are usually highly motivated.

During December, you’re much more likely to be a “destination” show house rather than one of many, which is a fantastic opportunity to engage with buyers and make a lasting impression.

Show off the entertainment options available in your home

The Christmas season is all about friends, family, and entertaining, and getting into the holiday spirit may help a home look its best.

Buyers will be in holiday mode, feeling joyful, vibey, and enjoying the summer. You may truly capture their attention on an emotional level by showing your home’s summery side and entertainment possibilities.

The goal is for buyers to envision themselves living their best life in your home. You’re halfway to a sale if you can do it.

Don’t go overboard on Christmas decorations

While a little holiday brightness can go a long way toward making a property feel more welcoming, sellers must not go overboard. Not everyone in South Africa celebrates Christmas, adding that too many decorations can be off-putting. Even the most ardent Christmas lover would be hard-pressed to fall in love with your home if they can’t see it through the tinsel and lights.

Be price savvy

It’s vital to price your house correctly at any time of year but Scheltema believes it’s especially critical during the holiday season.

It may be bonus season but the holidays are expensive for all of us, and most people are price-conscious around this time. An overpriced home will struggle to sell quickly or well, so follow your agent’s advice and position it strategically.

  • Scheltema is CEO of Fitzanne Estates

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