Panyaza drives quest to change liquor trade

The Gauteng government under the leadership of Premier Panyaza Lesufi is in the process of digitising liquor licence application system.

The department of economic development will lead the process which will help the government to process licence applications for various business offerings including taverns, eateries and shisanyama outlets among others.

 This, according to Lesufi, will enable the Gauteng Liquor Board to update information pertaining to licensed establishments.

 We are determined to address the challenges associated with liquor misuse. Through compliance enforcement, we intend to eradicate illegal trade and reduce corruption and foster a spirit in which liquor traders uphold the law,” Lesufi said.  

Licence issuing will be conducted stringently to maintain social order, providing economic opportunities to include the previously disenfranchised communities, he added.

Lesufi also said the provincial government would cooperate with partners in the liquor industry to destigmatise the way in which liquor trade is perceived.

 “Industry-led initiatives such as Heineken’s ‘Taverns of the Future’, Diageo’s commitment to offer learner’s driving licence to 40 000 Gauteng residents are already programmes we support,” said Lesufi.

The liquor industry is estimated to be to be contributing R173bn to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), with an additional R72bn to tax revenues, with at least a million jobs created in the alcohol manufacturing and distribution sector.

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