SA Tourism investigating Ndlovu for harassment and bullying

SA Tourism is investigating allegations of intimidation, harassment and bullying  against  the state-owned company’s  acting chief operations officer (COO) Nomasonto Ndlovu.

The investigations were precipitated by a letter written by the DA’s tourism spokesperson Manny de Freitas  to  Minister of Tourism Patricia de Lille, in which he highlighted allegations made by employees against Ndlovu.

 In the letter, which we have seen, De Freitas said employees  raised concerns “about abuse of power” and the “continued harassment, bullying and rudeness” by Ndlovu.

He stated  they also complained that Ndlovu  was  “unavailable to deal with operations” and was “completely incompetent even as a COO” and “does not have the integrity and capacity to lead SA Tourism”.

 He also  alleged the content of the  employees’ letter also made serious claims that Ndlovu was allegedly not reviewing important documents on time or
was delaying signing documents of high importance for operational purposes.

 They claimed, he said,  Ndlovu’s main priority was social engagements and travel, and that she has allegedly caused capacity problems in human capital within SA Tourism.

 “This email is yet another example of how it appears that Ndlovu is not the correct person to serve as SA Tourism COO, particularly in the light of allegations made in a 2017 KPMG report into the Dinokeng Festival Investigation, when Ndlovu was group head: communication, marketing and events for Tshwane at the time.

“It has been over a month now since I wrote to the minister, providing her a copy of the KPMG report, which proposed that the City of Tshwane should consider action against Ndlovu.  Although the Dinokeng Festival matter is a separate process, the KPMG report should have at least triggered questions into a top official such as Ndlovu.”

 He also said  statements made by De Lille that her department was investigating allegations of corruption presented by whistle-blowers against Ndlovu, is simply not turning into real action. “It appears that this is nothing more than mere rhetoric as despite unambiguous information freely available, the allegations against her, have seemingly not been addressed. 

“Ndlovu now appears to be a reputational risk for SA Tourism yet appears to be protected by the minister and the SA Tourism Board. Employees are aware that she has a fraud matter under investigation, yet she has not been suspended.

“There are employees who know for a fact that she is guilty of soliciting favours and gifts.

“Employees claim that the environment at SA Tourism is unstable and toxic,” reads the letter.

 In a joint response, SA Tourism board chairperson Tim Harris and De Lille’s spin-doctor Zara Nicholson said SA Tourism was investigating the matter.

“The SA Tourism board  is working hand in hand with management, with the support of the internal audit unit and the Special Investigating Unit, to ensure that any and all credible allegations are investigated in the interest of protecting accountability at the entity.

“Several processes are underway in this regard, and they are being conducted in a fair and unbiased matter,”  they said.

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