‘BU’ Mthembu to unleash more steamy sex scenes on ‘Adulting’

Former Big Brother Mzansi contestant Luthando “BU” Mthembu, who stars as Vuyani on Showmax’s Adulting, says his sex scenes for Season 2 are going to be more “spicy”.

Mthembu brags that he has more sex scenes than the other gents this season, but he does not want to give away too much.

In Season 2, Mthembu will be working alongside actress Thembi Seete. He said the veteran actor and former kwaito starlet is very understanding and calm.

Honoured to work with starlet

“A lot of the scenes that we did together were her first times. So I felt honoured to have had the opportunity to help her with those experiences onscreen. It was really an honour to work with her,” he said.

The actor, who recently won GQ’s Best Dressed On Screen Personality this year, said his approach in playing Vuyani this season was to embody him.

“This time around, whatever you saw in Season 1 is amplified. He exudes more confidence and embraces whichever path he chooses. And it’s intriguing how the more we change, the more we stay the same.” 

He says he has had older women approach him before he played the role of a toy boy.

“The show just intensified the experience. But I’m grateful to God that I was prepared for that because I’ve already experienced it in my life to some degree.”

Vuyani speaks to younger crowd

In a previous interview with Sunday World, Mthembu said Vuyani speaks to the younger crowd, the “2Ks” (those born after the year 2000), and to what is referred to as the “hustlers”.

“If I had to describe or differentiate between Vuyani and BU, I would say Vuyani is like a shot of tequila, while BU is like fine wine.

“I think it was easy because I’ve been a young boy in love with an older woman, it was just not in the context of sexual favours or anything like that.

“I have experience in different types of love with the women close to me,” said Mthembu at the time.

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