‘Cyan Boujee is a bully and many are tired of her’: Ex manager

Wellington Lerato Malete, the former manager of Cyan Boujee – says many are tired of her and claims she is a bully. 

Speaking to Sunday World, Malete  expressed disappointment at the socialite, real name Honour Zuma. He is being accused by Cyan of allegedly swindling her out of money and various other things. Malete has denied all claims.

Assault claims against Cyan

Over the weekend, Malete shared a photo of himself seemingly covering an eye injury. Cyan has denied that she assaulted the 49-year-old.

Taking to her social media stories on Tuesday morning, she told her side of the story. She claimed that Malete forced her to be with older men. Cyan also said Malete was lying through his teeth for saying she was broke.

Malete said the two started working together in June last year and their relationship was strictly business. The two had their first fall-out two weeks after they started working together when Cyan failed to pitch up for gigs. They separated and blocked each other but two weeks later they met and reconciled.

Difficult client/manager relationship

“At first I was never on the road with them. I would only go to gigs when it was necessary. But most of the time she was pushing it and I did not want to be on the road. I was trying to avoid something like this. I have always said to her that I am not her home manager but just a manager,” said Malete.

With Cyan trending every other week, Malete said he was the one who had to deal with those issues. This then led to her getting a lot of bookings.

Money issues around bookings

“After her sex tape with Prince Kaybee that’s when things started to get busy. I felt like I was working for someone like Kabza De Small. So, we were making good money and all the money would be transferred to my account. However, there were some bookings which she has relations with that went straight to hers. I would send proof of payment all the time.”

After their first fall-out, Malete said he then started going to gigs with her, going to her house and chilling for almost an hour waiting for her. All for the sake of her brand.

“In December she asked for my six-month bank statement because she was trying to buy a car. She then gave me an attitude after I refused to give her the documents. She then missed a few gigs since September in December.

“There was a point where she broke up with some baller guy she met in Nelspruit who later dumped her. She cancelled all her gigs for that weekend – and she was fully booked.”

No-show at scheduled gigs

Malete says when it was December everything was piling up, and Cyan does not like to do refunds. She always wants to negotiate new dates, so he needs to be with her on the road to avoid dealing with refunds.

“Her last gig was on the 31st and I left them in Centurion. I went straight to my place, changed, and headed straight to the airport. She then followed me to Cape Town. She was not booked or even part of me and my friend’s plans.

“I got there on Monday and she arrived on Tuesday. She missed two of her flights and was crying hysterically. Because she is blonde and does not know how to do things for herself.”

Malete had planned to go back to Joburg on Wednesday but Cyan convinced him, so they booked another night for R5,000. He then started getting worried after seeing that she was calling people for money and was cautious with her spending.

“After seeing that she was panicking, I booked my flight for Saturday and left her with some of my friends. I managed to get her two gigs in Khayelitsha and she did not go to those gigs at all. I asked her and she said she couldn’t manage herself. She didn’t even have money to book a flight back because she missed a flight.”

Nelspruit assault incident

Fast forward to the past weekend in Nelspruit where the incident allegedly happened. She was booked and was in a foul mood that night. He said on Thursday he had told her he would use the money she was booked for to refund the people in Cape Town.

“Nelspruit was only giving her R10,000 and she claimed she had a good relationship with them. She said they even give her guys who will give her R50,000 a night.

“On Saturday morning she asked me about a payment for South Korea, which was only next month and another gig. I told her I still had the South Korea payment but the other gig I had used to refund the people from Cape Town.”

She then instructed him to send all the payments straight to her account. She said she did not want any of her money randomly in Malete’s account.

“Cyan then demanded all her money and when they were buying food she sat on the pavement waiting for me.

“She then said I have been chowing her money and she has been quietly observing, and I reacted. While we were busy exchanging words she hit me with an object. Because I am a man, I couldn’t do anything. They stopped us and she tried to bite me on my hand. I told her she must not come with [sh*t] and I left with my car back to Joburg.”

Denies allegations made by Cyan

Malete was previously the manager of DJ Lamiez Holworthy, whom Cyan is referring to on her Instagram stories. He denies all the allegations made by Cyan against him. The former manager feels that Cyan is trying to buy the case. This after receiving strange phone calls on Monday. 

Previously, Cyan was accused of assaulting young social media influencer Paballo Noko. She was also arrested for stealing an iPhone 13. Police arrested after her set at a Midrand venue. However, the matter was withdrawn at the Midrand magistrate’s court due to lack of evidence.

Police confirm assault case

Mpumalanga police spokesperson Col Donald Mdhluli confirmed the matter. He said the police at White River are investigating a case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. 

“According to a report, it is alleged that an argument ensued between two people, which was reportedly sparked by issues of payment for performance. The two people were arguing regarding honoring of gigs.

“The victim was allegedly assaulted. Further allegations indicate that the suspect was also somehow bitten on his arm by the complainant. The two were then reportedly separated by the people that were around. No one has been arrested yet,” said Mdhluli.

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