Samke’s mom reveals roots of her sex work

This Body Works For Me reality star Samkelisiwe Nkwanyana popularly known as Samke, topped trends on social media on Tuesday following an interview her mother did.

Samke’s mother, Hlengiwe Nkwanyana, a mother of two from Ulundi in Kwa-Zulu Natal, appeared on Hazel Kotu’s podcast Within With Hazel. She asked to be on the podcast to address the false claims and allegations that her daughter allegedly made about her name on television and social media.

In the podcast, Hlengiwe shares that she believes her daughter Samke was introduced to sex after discovering a sex video of her and her baby daddy when she was 12. She continued that she believes the video traumatised her daughter and also made her curious.

According to Hlengiwe, the reason she does not get along with her daughter is because they are fighting over her baby daddy. She claims that Samke was in a relationship with the father of her other child.

Samke’s mother said she is certain about this because how would her daughter know that the father of her child has an erectile dysfunction problem? She further shares that Samke abandoned her teaching degree for a life of sex work, her reason being that she wants to escape the rat race and matrix.

Samke’s physique has drastically changed in recent months, prompting people to question her HIV status. However, the only tidbit to emerge is that she’s hooked on crystal meth, a highly addictive drug. 

Coming home with different men

Samke has shared before that, growing up, she saw her mom coming home with different men. Her mother explained that she was trying to make ends meet for her and her siblings.

This led her to believe that she could get what she wanted from men and made a decision to use her body to get what she needed because ‘a girl has to do what a girl has to do’. She started an OnlyFans page, but footage from her content was leaked and went viral on social media.

See the full interview below:

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