Vusi Nova masters life’s phases in thought-provoking reality series

Vusimuzi Nongxa, better known by his stage name Vusi Nova, has secured a reality series on SABC1.

The musician’s journey to overcome life’s stages with the fervour of his performances is chronicled in the reality show Vusi Nova Unprovoked.

In the series, viewers follow his incredible journey from a fast-paced life of fame to entering grandfatherhood unexpectedly.

It also looks at business endeavours and a transformative spiritual journey, where every obstacle is a springboard for amazing victories.

Soul-stirring music sessions and important business transactions occur frequently in Vusi Nova’s life, all against the backdrop of opulent settings.

Cultural identity

Even in the midst of all the glamour and fame, he still has a strong sense of cultural identity and is, at his core, a young Xhosa man.

This world is a complex fusion of contemporary luxury and traditional values, where ancestral ties and spiritual pursuits are just as important as his next big hit or business endeavour.

Fans are taken into his world, which is a kaleidoscope of unwavering ambition and limitless creativity, moments of vivid tapestry interwoven with strands of cutting-edge trends and far-off travel locales.

In a few of the episodes, viewers will witness Vusi experimenting with acting and showing his vulnerability during the auditions.

His personal reflections surface during a nail-pampering session and a team-building meeting, exposing internal group tensions.

Consultations with a sangoma

There are discussions with Somizi Mhlongo about spirituality, hinting at deep personal journeys and intertwining fame with introspection and friendship.

Vusi Nova also delves into the alcohol business, meeting suppliers and blending unique flavours.

Additionally, family ties are explored through candid conversations with Dezz about fatherhood, and a dog funeral reflects Vusi’s compassionate side.

Consultations with a sangoma (traditional healer) mark a spiritual turn, deepening his connection with his ancestral roots.

Vusi Nova Unprovoked will air on Saturdays at 8pm in March.

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