Flabba’s mom lambasts killer girlfriend over doccie plans

Hip hop artist Flabba’s mother Nolwandle Habedi has warned his girlfriend Sindisiwe Manqele to immediately stop her plans to shoot a documentary involving the artist and implored her to rather tell the truth about what happened on the night she murdered him.

Manqele was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in jail in 2016 for fatally stabbing the muso in a domestic violence tiff at the rapper’s house in Alexandra, Johannesburg in April 2015.

She was released on parole in May this year after serving half of her sentence.

In a move that shocked all and sundry, Manqele announced on MacG Podcast and Chill that she was shooting a documentary about the incident which will be flighted by one of the media houses.

In exclusive interview with Sunday World from her home in Soweto yesterday,  Flabba’s mother ,Nolwandle Habedi, said  she was in a better position to tell the story of the former Squatta Kamp’s life and his career.


Habedi also warned Manqele that because she has her son’s blood on her hands, it will be morally wrong of her to want to cash in on the musician’s brand and legacy without her knowledge or consent.


Relating the matter, Habedi said a crew arrived at her Orlando West house and told her that Manqele wanted to extend an olive branch for fatally stabbing her son in the chest.


“Sindi invited me to Sun City about two years ago saying she wanted to ask for forgiveness and she had invited cameras to document our conversation and this is when I said “no” to any documenting, not then and not in future until she comes clean about what really happened,” she said, before breaking down.

She said when she arrived in the cross bar hotel, she had a long chat with Manqele who allegedly told her that the testimony she gave in court was not a true reflection on what had happened on the knife she plunged the  kitchen knife in the heart of the  rapper.

“We went on heart-to-heart without the cameras and I specifically asked her what kind of a person Nkululeko was and she said he was a loving and nurturing person, and that she was telling me that because the lawyer had told her what to say in court. That is why I insist she should tell the truth about the night she killed my son,” she said.

Habedi also said even though they Manqele was Flabba’s significant other, she has no right to shoot a documentary about him.

“If anyone was in a better position to tell the story of Nkululeko it is myself because I have known him from birth and I know his character. He was not a fighter, neither would he shout at a person. I just wonder what she is planning to say about my son without my consent, knowing that I rejected the documentary idea from the onset.

“Even I don’t want to do a documentary on Nkululeko because this story hurts me so much, I have been through so much, in and out of hospitals to date. Sindi was always obsessed with Nkululeko and my neighbours would highlight this, after hearing the news of his murder I thought of this, and this is why I say she should tell me the truth as his mother and not want to surprise me in this documentary,” she said.

The rapper’s mother also said she feels betrayed by Manqele, who she believed would one day be her son’s loving wife.

When asked if Manqele had visited the grave, she said the family believes so though she has never asked them to accompany her.

“Two or three days after Nkululeko’s burial, we went to visit the grave and we were shocked by what we found. The only wreath that was there was mine with two strange red roses crossed on the tombstone. All other wreaths were pushed aside carelessly so. We cannot think of anyone else who could have done that,” she said.

Manqele denied exploiting Flabba’s brand and said she does not need Flabba’s family permission to shoot her love story in a doccie.

“I have spoken to his mother and she forgave me for everything that has happened. I felt this was approval for me to continue my life and try to find healing in ways I see fit for myself. They have done interviews about Flabba and the night he died without asking for my permission. I have been featured on Ufelani and had my name mentioned in other interviews and I never had an issue with it.

“If she says she stopped me from the ideas of shooting documentaries during our meeting in Sun City I have to be honest and say I don’t remember the contents of our meeting there,” she said.

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