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Uplifting young gentlemen

Brothers pledged their contribution to the empowerment of young boys at Bowl’d Restaurant this week. The set-up, much like a cute little boys club, had SABC1 presenter Siphesihle Vazi encourage a few friends to celebrate #Movember through his Guy Code Luncheon.

Vazi can actually pass as a gentleman as he cleaned up well in his two-piece suit and fabulous-glowing skin.

Mablerh came out of the woodwork to play with other kids. Since he’s been in front of the gospel screens, Shwa wonders if the social life still suits him.

New dad Clement Masosa came out to support a brother. He’s trying out the vegan lifestyle and it’s been a month. Big ups Moo Moo… at least you’re not one of
those “meat is meat and men must eat” kinda guys. But good luck with your daddy duties, these little bambinos are in need of macho strength.

Mandla Duch Thabethe is on some other level of menswear steez. Shwa understands that fashion is about thinking out of the box, but when your wardrobe looks like you just grabbed anything and walked out of the house, it makes us worry. Guys, just because you are a guy does not mean you can get away with just about anything! Respect us, tu.

All covered up

Kelly Khumalo, who recently announced that she had found God, had Shwa gobsmacked this week. Looking like a regal Muslim princess, or a Mrs Abdul, she was prancing around somewhere in Jordan. From bare breasts last week to the covered hijab look – she rocked both effortlessly.

Kelly Khumalo

Soul sister Sho

Sho Madjozi should become a speaker of sorts. Through the whole Burna Boy mess, she is the only local musician who spoke with passion, sense and truth.
The rapper told the organisers of Africa Unite to basically go to hell. She wasn’t part of the now-cancelled concert, saying African artists already do a lot to unify the continent and don’t need it to happen under the “umbrella of a corporate money-making trick”. You go, sissie!

Sho Madjozi

Money maketh man

Kenny Kunene, who wears plenty hats from sushi king to politician and even “reporter”, provides Shwa with the best laughter on a gloomy day. His throwback
pictures on Instagram are a dime a dozen. Money sure does wonders, my brothers and sisters. It sure solved his Benjamin Bu­ on tendencies – now he looks fresher than expensive fish.

Kenny Kunene

Fun in the sun at the polo

Horsing around at the polo with Shwa’s “faves” was a blast in Steyn City last week. Fashion delight and madness were the order of the day. There were a few people who just missed the mark.

Michelle Mosalakae and Thandeka Qwabe

Michelle Mosalakae, Shwa loves you mama – but there was too much fabric going on. You looked like an overgrown clown in that mess of a dress.

Your makeup and hairdo gave Shwa all kinds of ice-cold ji­tters.

Thandeka Qwabe from Isibaya, after being stuck to Sjava on the soapie, we see your coming out with a new glow. Showing off them legs and gorgeous
gown. Halala sisi!

Jessica Nkosi pulled off  the riskiest look of her career – not the fuffy, cute pre­tty girl we’ve come to know. She went for gold with an edge – showing off
ample cleavage and spunk. Shine bright sisi, siyakuvuma. Ayanda Ncwane, wow! We actually got to see you outside of the Clientele adverts and we are no laughing. We approve! Looking fabulous in that Gert Johan Coetzee gown.

Is he the light we need?

Andre de Ruyter is a brave Mlungu neh, taking on the mess that is Eskom. Shwa doesn’t care if he’s white, brown or purple – as long as he knows not to load-shed. After all ke  Dezemba vibes. Janu-worry is dark enough already.


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