Prince Kaybee’s much-awaited lobola report

Johannesburg- Prince Kaybee, who moonlights as music producer and deejay, released the much-awaited Lobola Report this week.

The stats, which cover an undefined period but definitely ended when the report was issued on Wednesday this week, have shown a remarkable increase in the number of
suicides among men who cannot afford to pay back the debt they took to pay lobola.

The “Hosh” hitmaker, who admitted to cheating on his partner and issued a public apology after his rendezvous went viral on Twitter earlier this year, revealed in the same social media platform that 35% of men who took exorbitant loans to pay lobola have committed suicide.

The extensive report revealed that “some take loans to pay lobola, live trying to pay back the loan while paying for everything in the house, then get divorced, losing everything but debts. 35% of these men commit suicide [sic]”.

Shwa has two words as recommendations for those who cannot afford to pay a hefty dowry tag; Itumeleng Khune. Enough said.

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