Sbu Malawyer offers great entertainment at Muzi Kone’s birthday

Sbu Malawyer  offers great entertainment at Muzi Kone’s birthday

Shwa attended Muzi Kone’s birthday party. Muzi is popularly known in social circles as Raspoto International. Last Sunday’s party took place at Pimville, Soweto’s swanky Onions and All Lifestyle venue.

The venue is owned by Muzi and Senoelo Pheto, a business-minded acquaintance. Shwa eavesdropped, when  Senoelo Pheto was asked if  he was related to Terry Pheto, but he simply laughed it off.

The guests were offered a lot of meat and fish along with endless champagne and cognac. Sbu Malawyer enthralled the audience with his new amapiano track, Ngempela, and lit up the dance floor with his hits from the past. It happened when Sbu’s incredible performance transported the party goers back to the TKZee era.

This guy is still energetic and vibey even with his salt and pepper beard.

These elderly folks, like Sbu, don’t want to be pensioners because the next thing they know, their knees would start to hurt.

Shwa overheard Sbu telling someone that he is working on a significant project that the kwaito generation will be proud of nationwide. When you provide Nkalakatha, a lot will be revealed.

DJ Mbuso of Phezulu Records graced the event and he totally looked super fly wearing shades at night. Maar what’s this thing of wearing shades at night, pila pila?

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