Shwashwi: Hot mgosi and celebs – Party gods really blessed me

By Kuli Roberts

Johannesburg – Last weekend, party gods blessed me with so much fun.

I found myself surrounded by the country’s decision makers.

I don’t mean politicians, I am talking about blessers, darling.

People who make sure that there is never a dry day for phly girls like me. I spent this past weekend in the beautiful province of Limpopo rubbing shoulders with big boys, excuse the pun!

Yours in gossip was invited to a two-day launch of Mzansi’s hottest eatery and hang-out spot in Polokwane.

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The swanky restaurant called Uhuru Cafe and Wine Emporium is situated right in the heart of Polokwane. I must say, you can’t fault Uhuru.

From its food to the wide range of different wines, I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the stove … and got a tour around their wine cellar.

What a superb experience! If you were not in Polokwane this past weekend, clearly you are doing something wrong with your life.

Among some distinguished guests spotted was Given Mkhari, the media mogul.

He was having fun with his homeboys.

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The gold-digger in me quickly saw dollar signs.

Given Mkhari and a friend.

Natalie Hlahla a fashion and beauty entrepreneur, graced the event looking her fabulous self, adorned in a gorgeous colourful Versace outfit, we need to see more of you, sweetie!


Let’s give DJ Ganyani his roses. This man is a sexy legend, declared by Shwashwi.

DJ Ganyane.

Still on talent, the ever-pleasant DJ Euphonik also brought black magic to the dance floor. I am a huge fan of your work.


This curfew is an inconvenience for Shwashwi. Its downfall is that you don’t get to see who goes home with who after umjavo.

Whatever Real Housewives’ Brinnette Seopela is doing to stay sexy and young is working.

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Spotted was JZ former son-in-law Lonwabo in his SUV Rolls-Royce. Now we talking big boys!


We adore young Malema but want to know who wore the suit best between him and Fikile Mbalula.

Julius Malema and Fikile Mbalula.

We agreed it suits junior Malema better in fit and is age appropriate.

Julius Malema and his son, Ratanang,

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