Time to feel free to smooch, Bongz 

Time to feel free to smooch, Bongz 

Matthew Booth and his side chick Bongani Mthombeni, or rather girlfriend, are living the saying that you should never admit to cheating, but always deny even though you are guilty. Shwa has seen the pair spending time together during the festive season. Shwa is really convinced that these love birds are now living freely after they were spotted looking all too cosy while they attended a lavish wedding in Cape Town together.  

I guess the two can now freely live and enjoy their relationship without answering to anybody, even though they denied having an affair. Poor Sonia Booth who was taken for a ride and some even thought she was losing her marbles after gathering all the evidence and sharing it on social media.  

Shwa really hopes that Sonia is now in a better place, doing well for herself and hopefully will also find love once again. 

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