I was rude, drunk and loud, all for attention-seeking – Pam Andrews

Former Rhythm City actress Pam Andrews has acknowledged that she needed to deal with her inner child because she needed validation from other people to know her worth. –

Andrews was part of the Coca-Cola Pop Stars group 101. She left the group in 2003 to pursue her acting career.

Taking to social media, Andrews, who is now in her 40s, shared that she wanted to be the centre of attention everywhere she went.

“I wanted everyone to look at me, and I made sure that everyone was looking at me. I was loud, and I was wearing obnoxious outfits. Everywhere I went, I made it a mission that I was going to get attention, even if I went to the shops for shopping,” said Andrews.

Clubbing from Monday to Saturday

She added that in her 20s she was always drunk. She would go to work and after work, she would go clubbing from Monday to Saturday. 

“I made so many foolish mistakes and for some reason, I was a very rude person. I was on my own from the age of 17 when I won the singing competition. I was a teenager, had money, was famous, and lived in a different city from my parents. I was basically living my best life at that point.”

She added that she lived the life of a rock star and would sometimes arrive on set late and complain about everything.

“I remember all the bosses would always have meetings with me and call me in. They never fired me, which was so weird. I must have had a guardian angel looking after me.”

“It’s good to acknowledge and grow where you see where you have made mistakes. And obviously, I know where I made my mistakes. I am looking forward to getting older. I am looking forward to it, and I am so excited to get to know this different phase of my life.”

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