Musa Khawula says he doesn’t have money after being sued

Entertainment blogger Musawenkosi Innocent Khawula says he has no money after a top businessman instituted a lawsuit against him. 

Jade Harris Orren sues Khawula for defamatory statements he made on social media platforms. Orren is an account manager at YNF Engineering, a company with lucrative supplier contracts with the government.

Last month, Orren applied for court order demanding that Khawula retract a statement he made on social media. This came after Khawula had ignored demands by Orren’s attorneys to retract his social media statements. 

Khawula failed to provide Orren with written confirmation that he had removed the posts.

The controversial blogger had said the businessman had repeatedly cheated on his wife Shilinia.

‘Wife cheated, threatened’

Four weeks ago, Khawula posted a photo of the couple and captioned it: “Meet Jade Orren who is cheating on his wife with everybody. Jade Orren and Shilinia got married in 2015 and he has cheated and threatened to unalive Shilinia whenever she’d wanna leave the sham of their marriage,” reads the post.

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Unalive is social media slang meaning to kill. It is also used in the event of suicide, when it is said someone has unlived themselves.

Orren on Tuesday issued another court order from the Johannesburg High Court stating that his matter is now urgent. In the court papers, Khawula is interdicted for allegedly infringing on Orren’s dignity, freedom, security, and privacy.

The papers further state that Khawula made comments through the media concerning Orren’s reputation and lifestyle and further defamed him through his posts on all social media platforms. The court has further ordered Khawula to remove and retract all of his posts related to Orren.

Defendant defies court order

Taking to his social media followers, Khawula sarcastically shared the court papers and wrote: “Now who the hell is this? also, somebody let him know that anginamali [I don’t have money].”

According to the papers, he is to not make the papers public whether directly or indirectly to any other third party and also make copies of the papers.

Khawula however has broken one of the orders made my the court, by sharing the papers with the public.


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