Muvhango’s Innocentia Manchidi has a bun in the oven

Muvhango actress Innocentia Manchidi and her husband Mpho have revealed that they are expecting their first child together. Manchidi and Mpho have been married for four years. 

The couple tied the knot in a glamorous white affair in 2019. Since then, the actress has openly shared her anxiety about married life.

When the festivities of the wedding were over and she had to move out of her parent’s nest, she expressed her mixed emotions.

Previous pregnancy rumours

In 2023 there were speculations that Manchidi had a pregnancy bump. However, she dismissed the claims. The actress took to social media to share and confirm the news of her pregnancy. 

­“He has made everything beautiful in its time. What a God! We are in our season of abundance: joy in abundance, gratitude in abundance, blessings in abundance. This is a whole new love uncovered and I’m so blessed to walk this journey with you,” she wrote.

Another couple in celebville who recently revealed that they will be parents soon is actor Jesse Suntle and his long-time partner, events, and artist manager Thuthu Maqhosha.

Another expectant loved-up couple 

In 2022 in an episode of Defining Love, Suntle gushed over his relationship with his Maqhosha, saying he had finally come to understand what love is.

He said he first spotted his partner at the gym and started communicating via DMs on social media. The actor admitted to having ulterior motives. However, he said he was captured by Maqhosha’s tenacity among other things. 

“I’ve learnt two things about this relationship over the past three years. One, if your relationships don’t have challenges, you’re in trouble. The second thing I’ve learnt through her is that I don’t think I knew, in all my past relationships, what love was. And this is no offence to all my exes or anything like that, but this is it,” said Suntle.

On Wednesday, Suntle shared snaps of him and Maqhosha showing off her belly bump and capturing the moments of their pregnancy.

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