Reality TV star Vovo is no child and wants a baby of her own

Social media entertainer Vuyokazi “Vovo” Nguqu has been bringing nothing but cheer to the public with her entertaining videos.

Vovo, recently cast in Mzansi Magic’s new reality show about little people with big hearts, Short n Sweet, is well-known for her bubbly personality. On the reality show, she had everyone talking on social media when she said she is able to have sexual intercourse like normal people.

“Everything is normal and I do all the styles, even the helicopter style, but I will not share what that style is because it is my secret,” said Vovo, whose rise to fame was through the many videos of herself.

“People would tease me and call me all types of names, but all of that did not matter because I wanted to inspire people that are short and show that we also live a normal life.”

The reality TV show star from Paarl in the Western Cape grew up in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape. She said she was eight when she was told that she would not grow.

“I realised that other children I went to school with were growing, as well as my older sister, but I wasn’t. That’s when my mom told me that I would not grow any taller.”

For a year she was admitted to the hospital in Johannesburg where she stayed while taking growth-hormone supplements.

She said her journey to adulthood was not easy as she was different from other kids, and the community did not understand why she was not growing taller.

“I think when I turned 10, I accepted my condition and I stopped asking questions. I did not care what everyone was saying about me, I told myself that God created us differently and whether you’re tall or not, you’re not perfect.”

On the reality show, she hinted that she wanted to have a baby of her own but her sister and aunt were against the idea. Vovo then asked her male friend if he could be a sperm donor because she does not want to be in a relationship.

“I was told that I could only carry the baby up to five months should I fall pregnant, because my bones are not strong. I still wish to have a baby of my own, but I need to find a surrogate.”

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