Shwashwi: Loudmouth Tbo Touch doesn’t add any value

Shwa has something heavy weighing on her chest that needs to be let out. While Rasta offered to paint Tbo Touch and Zakes Bantwini is sending the American wanna-be flowers, Shwa sits and wonders what the actual fuss.

Am I the only deaf one listening to Metro FM in the afternoons? He doesn’t even give his guests the time to talk and express themselves without that annoying applause and gong sound going off in the background while the person is still talking. How rude!

They should have put this noisemaker on the breakfast show, when most of us are not listening to the radio, and then move the talented and vibey Khutso Theledi in charge of the Drive Time show.

And they apparently begged him with a cheque showing many zeroes, nogal. What a waste, give new kids on the block a chance to shine, we’re tired of these old geysers being recycled.

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