Sir Trill and Kabza keep disappointing fans

South Africa ’s most sought after amapiano fiends Sir Trill and Kabza De Small are slowly carving their images as the high priests of artists who don’t pitch for paid gigs.

Sir Trill left his battalion of fans high and dry when he failed to show up for his gig at a trendy Joburg drinking hole on May 31.

This was two days after Kabza De Small failed to honour his three shows in KwaZulu-Natal.

News of the award-winning musos’ failure to honour their shows, was revealed by a deep throat who |does not approve of their lack of professionalism.

The mole, who did not want to be named for fear of victimization, said Sir Thrill, whose ditty Yini Sdakwa is taking the country by storm, was paid R15 000 to perform at LIV Lounge in Yeoville, Joburg but failed to pitch.

When the promoter Prince “DJ Elpringo” Masindi phoned him to check if he was still coming, Sir Trill told him that he was no longer coming because he was under the weather,

“But he did not send him a sick note to show that he was not feeling well or even informed him in advance that he was ill. He told him a few hours before his performance. I think this is so unprofessional because Elpringo spent a lot of money marketing and promoting the show. He printed and distributed pamphlets and flyers telling his fans and club clientele that Sir Trill was coming to entertain them there,” said the tipster.

The source said what was worrisome was that Sir Trill did not even apologise to Masindi for failing to appear or even take to social media to apologise to his fans.

“This has the potential to dent the reputation of the promoter because some people will think that he was just lying when he said Sir Trill was coming to the venue and wanted to use his name to market the place.”

Kabza de Small is accused of not pitching up for a few gigs in KwaZulu-Natal.

Speaking to Sunday World, Masindi confirmed that Sir Trill failed to pitch for the show.

Masindi said in a desperate bid to avert possible catastrophe, he had to find funds elsewhere, as Sir Trill did not refund him immediately and paid rising amapiano star Nkosaza Daughter to perform at the show.

Kabza De Small also left his fans disappointed when he failed to show at three festivals at Warehouse Durban in Shakaville, Basement in Pietermaritzburg, and LIV in Durban on May 28.

This follows his no-show with DJ Maphorisa and songbird Sha Sha at the annual Victoria Falls festival in Zimbabwe in April

But unlike Sir Trill, South Africa’s producer extraordinaire’s booking agent, Lawk Communication wrote a letter, which we have seen, to the organizers and apologized.

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