Proud of SA’s stance on unjust war on Palestine 

Proud of SA’s stance on unjust war on Palestine 

Lest we forget, South Africa, during the long apartheid years, became a hub for social justice activism, with social and political activists taking up cudgels to fight black oppression meted out by the evil apartheid system.  

We are grateful the social and political fervour continue to manifest as it did in the recent past with our government taking the lead in fighting the unjust and atrocious bombardment of the people of the tiny Gaza Strip by the Israeli army and showing solidarity – as we all should – with the people of occupied Palestine. 

The Presidency did not hesitate in January  to assemble some of the best legal minds to take Israel on at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), to expose the unjust attacks Israel continues  to launch on Gaza at the instigation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a man whose propensity to unleash violence on others is unquenchable, only matched by the sadists of the world. 

With the daily unending and unrelenting shelling of the Gaza Strip, South Africa has now reverted to the ICJ, this time demanding an immediate ceasefire, arguing that if there is no end to the Israeli madness and blood-letting, the population, already dying of famine, will be exterminated. 

The United Nations itself has warned that famine is “looming” amid the continuing pounding of the Palestinian enclave whose water and food supply is greatly compromised because of the Israeli onslaught.   

Reports from various parts of Gaza health authority suggest the number of people who have died and succumbed to malnutrition and dehydration have climbed to about 20 or more, and there is fear the situation might worsen. 

Atrocities with impunity perpetrated by the Israeli army escalate every day on the defenceless people of Palestine – and this has been their staple food. Every day, every hour and every minute unmitigated violence is meted out by Netanyahu and his armed forces. 

A Palestinian journalist has been killed, and as we understand it, so was his family. And sadly, US President Joe Biden is lukewarm about the show of force inflicted by Israel, shutting  his eyes to the massacre. Does he not care?  

But we are grateful to the South African Presidency for keeping alive the flames of hope for the Palestinians.  

The government has asked the ICJ to do all there is to do to save the situation. 

Israel, in keeping with its obligations under the Genocide Convention, must conduct the war in a way that avoids the commission of genocide. Yet, Israel defies the ICJ admonishment and acts contrary to what the convention demands of it. 

Israel’s continued occupation of Palestinian territories is an illegality.  

We are thankful South Africa is in the forefront of it all to place Israel  in the spotlight as an aggressor not willing to let Palestinians live in peace in their own homeland.   

We salute the South African government for its unwavering support of the people of Gaza.  

An injury to one is an injury to all. 

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