Clamp down on fake addresses as GDE applications for 2025 open

The demand for schools in Gauteng is so high that some schools are resorting to verifying the address provided by guardians to ensure the credibility of the information provided.

Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane confirmed this to the media. He said this while  announcing that the applications for Grades 1 and 8 placements at Gauteng schools for 2025 will open on July 11 at 8am.

The MEC said the Gauteng department of education was fully behind the schools that verify the addresses on applications. This to ensure that parents and guardians apply where they reside.

System for applications goes live on July 11

“Gauteng is a home for everyone. You will find people in Limpopo applying for space using the address of a relative in Tembisa,” Chiloane said. He added that it was important for parents and guardians to register their children where they live.

Parents and guardians will be able to register when the system goes live on July 11.

“All parents are expected to register; previous login details will not work. Only parents with children going to Grade 1 and/or Grade 8 seeking space at a public school in Gauteng for the 2025 academic year will be able to register and apply online,” he said.

Parents whose children are in Grade R at any Gauteng public school are not exempted. They are also still required to apply for placement in Grade 1 through the online system.

“In this academic year [2024] alone, we have placed more than 400,000 learners,” said Chiloane. He was denying claims that some pupils were not placed in schools. “It is not true that some learners were not placed. There were incomplete applications. But those [whose applications] were complete were placed on time,” he said.

Deadline for applications is August 12

Parents have until midnight on August 12 to apply for placements in any of the public schools in the province. These are for Grades 1 and 8.

“Applications to other grades must be made directly at the school of your choice,” he said.

In their application for placement, Chiloane encouraged parents and guardians to select at least three options. This with a maximum of five options.

The MEC said parents must not only choose their options as a tick-box exercise. They must note what it means when they agree to the terms and conditions of the application. This means they are agreeing to placement in any of the options they provided. This applies in case there’s no space in their first-option school.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to follow the five-step application process right until the end. The required documentation must be submitted within seven days of the application, as required.

Those who do not have access to the internet are encouraged to use any of the 80 walk-in centres around the province. They can also use schools facilities for assistance with the applications.

“This is free of charge. Report anyone who will charge you with the application to the Gauteng department of education,” he said.

Caution on addresses provided with applications

Chiloane also encouraged parents to use their home address as a feeder zone for the application. He said since parents often change jobs, children could be disadvantaged by an application made using a work address.

The department is working with Home Affairs, Chiloane said. This is to ensure that the information provided by parents and guardians is consistent.

Documents required are certified copies of IDs or passports of parents; birth certificates or passports of children. Proof of home or work address and the latest Grade 7 results for Grade 8 applications. Immunisation records for Grade 1 applications are all documents required to complete the application.

“Avoid submitting fraudulent documents; it will affect the application process for your child,” he warned parents.

He said parents and guardians must provide a phone number. This is so that they can receive updates on the status of their applications.

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