‘Moving from primary to high school can be daunting for learners’

The transition from primary to high school is not always seamless for learners, however, according to Ridge Primary School headmaster Frank Rumboll, learners must embrace the journey ahead.

Rumboll described the transition to high school as a monumental change, days before learners across the country return to class on Wednesday.

He emphasised that the journey ahead is exciting and offers an opportunity for learners to discover untapped potential talents.

“This is not just a transition, it’s a transformation. Embrace the challenges, cherish the camaraderie, and let your journey be a testament to your potential,” said Rumboll.

He reminded learners that they should uphold their values as they embark on their high school adventures.

“We take pride in instilling strong values like respect, integrity, compassion and perseverance,” he said.

“They must know the importance of upholding their values as they embark on their high school adventures, as it will help them navigate the complex worlds of adolescence and beyond.”

Seek guidance all the time

“It’s a shared journey and students should always remember that they’re not alone in their endeavours. They must seek guidance from teachers, mentors, peers, and parents.

“May the learners tread the paths of high school with courage, kindness, sensitivity towards others and continue displaying an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

“The future is bright and it is waiting for the confidence and purposeful-driven nature of their taking and giving,” he said.

Nadine Kuyper, educational psychologist at Love Trust, said support for learners does not mean normalising their experiences.

Love Trust is a not-for-profit organisation committed to delivering excellent quality Christian education to vulnerable children.

“Their experience is different if you look at the world after navigating social media, technology and Covid-19,” said Kuyper.

“It’s almost like surfing, there are days when the water is very choppy and there are going to be big waves, but there will also be days when it’s a little calmer.

“This is life and there will be waves, but as long as you have your surfboard and if you can see land, which is your support structure and all those mentors and people to speak to, that anchors you, you don’t feel like you’re drifting out by yourself, which is what we’re trying to avoid.”

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