DA wants Ramaphosa fined for ‘electioneering’ national address

The DA has filed an appeal with the Electoral Court to challenge President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Sunday night address to the nation.

According to the DA, Ramaphosa breached the electoral code of conduct, and the party wants him to pay R200 000 fine and cut the ANC’s votes in the elections by 1%.

DA leader John Steenhuisen said Ramaphosa breached the code of conduct when he used the highest office in the land to “engage in brazen electioneering” while addressing the nation.

“Not for the first time, Ramaphosa has chosen his corrupt political party over South Africa,” Steenhuisen said.

“As president, he should have known better and must be held to account. This type of abuse cannot be allowed by anyone.

“But his desecration of the office of president of the republic also confirms that Ramaphosa is panicked, because he has finally realised that the people are about to hold the ANC to account for the corruption, misrule, and hardship they have inflicted upon the people of South Africa.”

Help DA end ANC’s abuse of democracy

He added that, among other provisions, the electoral code of conduct, as contained in the Electoral Act, states that no person may abuse a position of power, privilege, or influence, including parental, patriarchal, traditional, or employment authority, to influence the conduct or outcome of an election.

“The DA, therefore, calls on voters to turn out to the polling booths in their millions on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to help us bring an end to the ANC’s impunity and abuse of our democracy for narrow personal and political gain,” Steenhuisen said.

“Through his violation of the Electoral Act, Ramaphosa has clearly signalled that the ANC is prepared to undermine our constitutional democracy to try and cling to power.

“This should serve as an urgent warning to all of our democratic institutions, including the IEC [Independent Electoral Commission].”

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