DA’s Pappas hails rural vote for boosting party in KZN

Although it’s still early days to determine whether kwaZulu-Natal will have an outright winner, the DA has lauded the support it received in the so-called rural districts.

“I’m excited, but it’s still early. When you look at the results board there’s still large numbers of votes from eThekwini to come in. Many of the DA’s stronghold areas in urban areas have not been added to the count yet,” said Pappas.

More votes still coming in

He explained that the votes from areas such as Phoenix, Chartsworth Hillcrest and Durban north will help grow their vote share in KZN.

“What I’m also excited about is having looked at what party agents are sending from rural areas. [This is] showing that the DA is also growing there as well,” he said.

According to Pappas, DA will be part of government in KZN, saying no one will record an outright majority.

MK Party still ahead

By Thursday night, former president Jacob Zuma-led uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party continued to lead the pack with a bigger margin. The party went to an extent of doubling the votes achieved by the ANC. At some stage the MK party had recorded over 100,000 of votes. This while the ANC was stagnant at just over 50,000 votes in the province. The IFP was breathing close with an almost similar number of votes. The DA occupied third spot with a deficit of about 18,000 votes.

Meawhile, the EFF appeared being shunned by voters barely making it to 12,000 by late Thursday. In the 2024 provincial and national elections, the party has set it sight on achieving a million votes in the province.

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