National Convention will end squabbles over positions – BOSA

The National Convention might be key to ending the fight for positions in the Government of National Unity (GNU).

This according to Mmusi Maimane’s Build One South Africa (BOSA), which has written to President Cyril Ramaphosa to consider urgently forming a National Convention.

In the BOSA’s view, representatives from all political parties in parliament should gather in an effort to discuss what the GNU stands for in today’s South Africa.

Roger Solomons, BOSA spokesperson, confirmed this. He said the multi-party National Convention would zoom into the purpose, scope, and agenda of the GNU. It will also drift political parties from the fight for positions in the Cabinet of the President.

Clear deadlock between ANC, DA over positions

“Today, 60 million South Africans sit anxiously. They are waiting as negotiations between parties continue under the veil of secrecy,” said Solomons.

“There is now a clear deadlock between the ANC and the DA. This is over government positions, patronage and access to state power. South Africa deserves better,” he adds.

The concern comes after the DA insisted that the deputy president should be a DA member. It also affirmed that they wanted to be in charge of 11 departments.

Should they not be granted the deputy president, the DA demands that they have a Minister in the Presidency. Also a deputy minister in the finance department.

Solomons said it was an attitude of special interest of parties that seemingly lead in the GNU. Instead, parties involved should put interests of South Africans on the forefront.

National Convention will put interests of country first

This is where, according to Solomons, the National Convention would maintain order. It will also build policies that are better suited for the betterment of the country.

“It cannot be a patronage and power grab government. Where the focus on handing out positions to parties in exchange for cooperation. Instead, positions in government can only be assigned after a decision is made on the direction of the government,” said Solomons.

According to Solomons, the National Convention would focus on having a government that is committed. Its commitment will be to non-racialism, defending Constitutionalism and Rule of Law. Also strengthening parliamentary oversight over executive, and eradicating crime and corruption, amongst others.

“A National Convention is the most appropriate way to build public trust. To also  communicate an agenda that delivers for all 60 million South Africans,” said Solomons.

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