The ANC is haunted by its failure to invest in its intellectual capital

Johannesburg- The ANC has a leadership problem, and not a masses problem. It is a leadership that over time has failed to appreciate the importance of consolidating the organisation, rather than focusing on its own factional leadership positions.

The masses are merely reponding to a leadership that has reduced them to a step ladder to access and sustain power positions. In the process, the ANC leadership has reduced the movement into a shallow organisation, which is now on a survival mission,  heavily reliant on the virtues of its former leaders and historical events.

On face value, the ANC keeps losing electoral support, as evidenced by the loss of control of  key metros such as Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni. According to those who hold this limited view, both within and outside the ANC, the party just needs to regroup and focus on the forthcoming 2024 national elections.

In this limited view, the ANC is now a mere electioneering organisation simply preoccupied with its five-year periodic survival.


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