The legacy of the Arch lives on

Johannesburg- Together with two German colleagues, Dietrich Werner and Rudolph Hinz, I, Sarojini Nadar and Vicentia Kgabe oversaw the launch of a co-edited volume, Ecumenical Encounters with Desmond Tutu, last Monday.

The book comprises essays, poems and prayers by writers from every conceivable corner of the globe – mostly writers who have directly encountered the South African force of nature called Mpilo Desmond Tutu.

Ours is part of a global effort to tease out the veritable legacy of the 90-year-old Tutu for our generation.

The Arch, as Tutu is fondly called, was never the leader of the biggest church in South Africa. He is no Engenas Lekganyane, Isaiah Shembe, Enoch Mgijima, Christina Mokutuli Nku, Nontentha Nkwenkwe, or Frederick Samuel Modise. Not even remotely.

Nor would it be reasonable to force Tutu into a simulated “beauty contest” about priestly charm and congregation size.

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