David Tlale says the capital of fashion still rocks

Johannesburg – The secret to Italian wear attraction is the quality of fabric and the understanding of ready-to-wear outfits.

This is confirmed by fashion veteran David Tlale.

“I think in our past lives as South Africans, we were Italians and we need Italians. I believe the connection between us two is just great,” said the fashion powerhouse.

Tlale said he enjoyed wearing Matariana shirts and hand-woven basket shoes while growing up to compete with his peers and proudly flaunt being the first in his group to wear the latest fashion, as it is believed that Italians are always ahead of fashion. Although he grew out of the culture after realising that “clothes don’t define us, we define them”, he said he still got inspiration from the Italian culture for their love of fashion and how they would dress up even when they have nowhere to go or anyone to impress.

“I’ve been to Italy several times, especially in some of their designer warehouses or studios. The culture there is that you dress up everyday – be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, outdoors or office.

“The men are always beautifully dressed in suits and we’ve seen the evolution of their tailoring from their usual hardcore tailoring to a now soft er tailoring.

“The women are always well put together, always a shoe and a bag that compliment each other and an outfit to piece it all together and embrace the day,” said Tlale.

The fashion guru added that Italy influenced the fashion industry because of their quality fabric, texture and finishing.


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