Lungiswa Mohlouoa

Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship

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Free State


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Lungiswa Mohlouoa, 32, from Bloemfontein in the Free State, is a young hero who excels at business. She owns a successful online clothing boutique called Mrs MHL that she started in 2019. On top of that, Mohlouoa is a teacher and a motivational speaker. She retails trending fashion that accommodates all genders all sizes at the reasonable prices. Her love of fashion began at varsity when she felt the pressure to look the best at all times, something that was difficult to achieve since both her parents were pensioners who lived on government social grants. “I needed cash for transport to and from varsity and to buy toiletries but my parents could not afford. So, I had to learn via videos to do nails and I then started by my own nail bar at the nearest salon to generate some income. The plan worked,” remembers Mohlouoa. Once she had made some extra money she would go to shops called “Clear Outs”, which sold rejects and she buy fashionable items and be dressed up in style, sometimes for as little as R100. She is also a motivational speaker who constantly urges people not to give up on their dreams.


Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship

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